Red Bull Salzburg – Austria Wien

Red Bull Salzburg are hosting Austria Wien in one of the big derbies of the Austrian Bundesliga. These two teams are currently holding a place in the Top 3, following closely the leader Sturm Graz.Salzburg is 2nd in the league standings with 17 points, being on just one point behind the leader Sturm. They have a record of five wins, two draws and one loss in the first eight rounds, with their only loss coming against the leader Sturm. They remain the #1 favorites for the title, but the strong performance of Sturm and Austria since the start of the season is a sign that it won’t be easy for them.Speaking of Austria Wien, they are currently third in the Bundesliga with 14 points won so far. They have a record of four wins, two draws, and two losses. But have a look at this – in their last five games, they are unbeaten, recording four wins and only one draw. They are currently the team in the best form in the Austrian Bundesliga.Last season it was a walk in the park for Red Bull Salzburg to win the title. They finished the campaign with 18 points advantage in front of Austria Wien, which is a clear sign that they were dominating the league with an ease. Now everyone wants a more competitive season and if we judge by the first 8 rounds, maybe this will happen now.Of course, Red Bull Salzburg remain the huge favorites for the gold medals. The fact that they are currently 2nd in the league standings doesn’t mean anything. After all, the difference between them and the leader Sturm Graz is just one point. If Austria and Sturm manage to keep their levels until the end of the season, maybe now we are going to enjoy a more competitive and interesting season in the Bundesliga. Let’s see.