Belarus vs Sweden

Belarus hosts Sweden in a match from Group A of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe. The game is going to be played at the Borisov Arena in the city of Borisov.Last week was not good for Sweden. The Scandinavian team gave up the first place in Group A, after losing to Bulgaria in Sofia. Before that Sweden was ahead of France at the top of the group, but now they are already second with 13 points won. France is leaders with 16 points and Bulgaria is third with 12 points. Netherlands are fourth with 10 points.How you could see, the fight for qualification in this group is just furious. If we accept that France is an absolute favorite for the first place, then Sweden, Bulgaria, and Netherlands are going to fight each other for the second place. And they all have some chances for taking it.As for Belarus, the best they could do is win the 5th place in the group. Here they will have to compete with Luxembourg, who beat them just a few days ago. The difference between Belarus and Luxembourg at the moment is just one point.Because of the difference in terms of quality and class, Sweden is the heavy favorite against Belarus in Borisov. But have in mind that they were favorites against Bulgaria as well. The question here is – can Sweden get back on their feet after the disappointing loss in Sofia? If they lose points again in Borisov, this could be very bad for their ambitions to qualify for the World Cup in Russia next summer. And they know it very well.Sweden is the favorites and we think that they will redeem themselves for the loss against Bulgaria in Sofia. They are the better team and now they will be motivated to get back on the winning ways.