SPAL hosts Sampdoria

SPAL hosts Sampdoria in a match from the last 38th round of the Italian Serie A. Let’s have a look at this game at the Stadio Paolo Mazza.

SPAL are 17th in the Serie A with 35 points, being on par with the 18th Crotone. They have a record of 7 wins, 14 draws and 16 defeats. In their last five matches, SPAL won twice, made one draw and suffered one defeat. Including against Torino in the previous round.

Even if they lose this game, SPAL could still survive. In the same time, Crotone is visiting Napoli at the Stadio San Paolo and there’s a huge possibility to see them losing this one. Which would mean that SPAL will keep their 17th position, even if they lose against Sampdoria?

Sampdoria is 9th in the Serie A with 54 points. For a big period of the season, Samp was very close to qualifying for Europa League. But in the last few months, their quality lowered and they started to lose more and more. Right now, just around before the end of the season, Sampdoria have a record of 16 wins, 6 draws and 15 defeats. In their last five games, they won twice and suffered three defeats, including against Napoli in the previous round.

Sampdoria can’t go up in the standings, but they can go down. They have 3 points advantage in front of the 10th Torino. If Samp loses against SPAL and Torino win against Genoa, the Bulls would finish 9th in the league.

Of course, this game is more important for SPAL than it is for Sampdoria. They are in a position which is dangerous, even if Crotone is a full outsider against Napoli. But if they want to be calm about their future, they have to get a positive result from this match.